Shutterbug cocktail bar + creperie

A cocktail bar hidden in the heart of Shoreditch with traditional French crepes by day and fast becoming one of east London's hottest nightspots with bespoke cocktails, large private courtyard, killer sound system and resident DJs from LoveVinyl



Shutterbug Cocktails

Mexican Bug –  El Jimador Tequila, spices & our own fresh verdita mix £8

Rivington Ice Tea – Earl grey infused gin, lemon,  elderflower, ginger ale £8

Redneck Candy – Bourbon, homemade salted  caramel, lemon juice, maple syrup £8

Sammy Davis Punch – Prosecco, strawberry  reduction, gin, apple juice, peach bitters £8

Shutterbug Bloody Mary – Vodka, gin or tequila and our secret spiced bloody recipe £6.5

Or, talk to us!
Tell us what you like, or don’t like, and we’ll make you something delicious, just for you!

Afterwork special (4-8pm)

2 Slushy Cocktails for £10

4 bottles beer for £10


Beer and Cider

Meantime London Lager ​​     £2.5 / £5.0

Meantime Yakima Red​​     ​    £2.6 / £5.2

San Miguel​​​​​     330ml             £4.0

Brooklyn Lager​​​​​ 330ml         £5.0

Brewdog Punk IPA​​​​ 330ml   £4.5

Breton Cidre 330ml          £4.0




Breakfast galette – Buckwheat pancake with eggs, smoky bacon, vintage cheddar and tomato – £6.5
Vege breakfast galette – Buckwheat pancake with eggs, sauteed mushrooms, vintage cheddar and tomato – £6.3
Pancake stack with blueberries and maple syrup (add bacon £1.2) £5.5
Pancake stack with homemade lemon curd, flaked almonds and mascarpone £5.5


Scrambled            £5.0    Poached                     £5.0       Fried                  £5.0           Omelette                   £6.0

Toast (included) – Organic sourdough Ciabatta Organic dark rye (wheat & yeast free) or No bread/extra salad
Add ons  Bacon, ham, chorizo, smoked salmon, chicken, avocado             £1.2
Goat cheese, cheddar, spinach, tomato  80p

Sandwiches and Salads

Smashed avocado & feta on organic rye £5.0 add egg .80p

Chicken, avocado, chipotle mayo on ciabatta £6.0

Grilled haloumi, avocado and sun blush tomato salad £5.5

Warm chicken Caesar salad with croutons and homemade dressing £6

Starters & small plates

Beetroot tzatziki with homemade herb flat bread £5.5

Avocado and spinach hummus with homemade herb flat bread. £5.5

Organic sourdough bread and olive oil £2.5 Rocket salad £3.5

Summer special

Gazpacho – Spanish cold soup made from raw tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, garlic, bread and olive oil £ 4.5

Galettes – savoury buckwheat pancakes

Classic roast ham & cheddar + egg 80p £5.0

Goat cheese with baby spinach, toasted walnuts and homemade fig relish £6.0

Sauteed mushroom, aged Barber cheddar and black truffle oil £6.0

Seared chorizo, vintage cheddar, avocado and homemade smoked chilli jam £7.0

Moroccan-style meatballs, vintage cheddar,spinach & peppers ratatouille £7.5

DIY – build your own with extras – £4.50

Add Extras

Smoked salmon, free range chicken, ham, avocado – £1.2

Spinach, Barber cheddar, goat cheese, egg, mushrooms, tomato – 80p

BBQ (fri & sat 6-10pm)

Beef burger with pickles and baby gem in brioche bun £5

Seared spiced chicken fillet in brioche bun £5

BBQ SPECIAL 1 beef or chicken burger + 1 bottle beer £7.50


Dessert crepes – sweet pancakes

Classic lemon and sugar   £4.0

Shutterbug salted caramel    £4.0

Banana and Nutella    £4.0

Blueberries and maple syrup   £4.5

Red velvet crepe with mascarpone, dark  chocolate and strawberries     £5.0

Shutterbug salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and pretzel crumble              £5.0

Add Extras

Vanilla ice cream, cream, cinnamon, salted caramel, Nutella, dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberries, raspberries – 80p


What's on

  • Friday 25 September   2015

    Bun and Cheese with Charlie Dark, Paul Ryan AKA Rapzcallion and DJ Al Fingers

  • Saturday 26 September   2015

    Resident DJs from Love Vinyl Party
    8-1am #house #disco

  • Friday 2 October   2015

    Vibrant Nights
    DJ Josh Grooves, DJ Kitty Amor

  • Saturday 3 October   2015

    Love Vinyl Stuart Patterson and Rhythm Doctor residents 8-1am

  • Sunday 4 October   2015

    PPP Bank Holiday Special


  • Wednesday 7 October   2015

    Piñata performance evening


  • Thursday 8 October   2015

    Syncopate with Herse and residents Molo and Ollie

  • Friday 9 October   2015

    Boom Music with Colectivo Futuro

  • Sunday 11 October   2015

    Stereo-Ites Reggae Sundays


  • Thursday 15 October   2015

    Sanctuary Sessions #deephouse #techhouse  8pm