Shutterbug cocktail bar + creperie

Tucked away in the heart of Shoreditch, in the evening our cozy bar opens on to a courtyard and graffiti wall for some urban al fresco eating and drinking. We serve traditional French crepes with an East London twist while bartenders get to work in the evenings creating bespoke cocktails and DJs start the party.



Shutterbug Cocktails

  • Man Ray Mojito ​​​    £8
    To create is divine, to reproduce is human. A revolution
    El Dorado 3yr Rum, Chambord, fresh raspberries, mint, lime crushed ice
  • Bencini Cometa    ​​​£8
    A bitter yet floral Italian favourite that will have you reaching for the camera
    Hendricks gin, Aperol, Antica Formula Carpano vermouth
  • Earl Grey Exposure      ​​​£7
    This delicate cocktail is a salute to the mystery and subtlety of Vivian Maier, the Manhattan nanny and secret street photographer
    Earl Grey-infused Gin, fresh lemon juice, whites, served with sugar rim.
  • Goldin Heart​​​​      £8
    Party flavours of rum and passion fruit are underpinned by a chili kick. Fun, full-throttle yet heartfelt in the spirit of Nan Goldin’s images
    Sailor Jerry rum, Pineapple juice, Fresh Lime Juice, Passion Fruit Syrup, egg white, chilli tincture
  • LaChapelle of Kitsch​​​     £8
    A pop-bitchy, hyper-real kitsch Hurricane with bright, unapologetic flavours
    El Dorado 3 year Rum, Blackwells rum, blue curacao, orgeat, cranberry juice
  • Top Rankin     ​​​£7
    An uptown top ranking cocktail for the celebrated portrait photographer. A grown up cuba libre to get the party started
    Kraken Spiced Rum, Amaro Montenegro, lime juice, The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters
  • David’s Bailey​​​  £8​
    A rich, seductive cocktail for the photographer who epitomised sexy and alluring London in the sixties. Like Bailey’s, but better.
    Jamesons, Créme de Cacao, egg, The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitter

Cocktail of the week

  • The Verditarita  ​​​​£8
    House blend of fresh mint, coriander, pineapple, green chilli with a good kick of El Jimador Reposado Tequila


Beer and Cider

Draught Beer

  • Meantime London Lager ​​     £2.5 / £5.0
  • Meantime Yakima Red​​     ​    £2.6 / £5.2


Bottle and Can Beer

  • San Miguel​​​​​                  £4.0
  • Brooklyn Lager​​​​​          £5.0
  • Brewdog Punk IPA​​​​    £4.5



  • Breton Cidre 330ml                         £4.0
  • Koppaberg Apple Cider 500ml​​​    £5.0
  • Koppaberg Berry Cider 500ml​    ​£5.0



Breakfast  – until 3pm daily

  • Breakfast galette – Buckwheat pancake with egg, smoky bacon, vintage cheddar and tomato – £5.5
  • Vege breakfast galette – Buckwheat pancake with egg, sauteed mushrooms, vintage cheddar and tomato - £5.5
  • Canadian breakfast galette – Buckwheat pancake with egg, smoky bacon, blueberries and maple syrup – £5.7
  • Scrambled eggs with sourdough toast – £4.5
  • Poached eggs on sourdough toast – £4.5
  • Omelette with sourdough toast and salad – £5.00
  • Breakfast Extras – ham, smoky bacon, free range chicken, smoked salmon, avocado, chorizo – £1.20, tomato, spinach, cheddar cheese – 80p


  • Breakfast ciabatta – egg, smoky bacon and chipotle ketchup – £4.0
  • Smashed avocado & feta on rye + egg 80p – £5.0
  • Free range chicken, avocado, chipotle mayo on sourdough – £5.5
  • Smoked salmon, capers and horse radish cream cheese on rye – £6.5
  • BBQ pulled pork ciabatta with vintage cheddar and pickles £6.0

Starters & small plates

  • Sourdough bread with olive oil 2.0
  • Italian mixed olives – £3.0
  • Charcuterie board  – £6.5


  • Super greens – kale, mint, avocado salad with sunblush tomatoes  + feta 80p – £5.0
  • Spiced haloumi salad with avocado, dates, strawberry dressing – £5.5
  • Marinated beetroot, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and mixed leaves – £5.5
  • Free range chicken, baby spinach, avocado, chilli sesame dressing – £6.50

Galettes – savoury buckwheat pancakes

  • Classic honey roast ham and vintage cheddar cheese + egg 80p – £5.0
  • Soignon goat cheese with baby spinach, toasted walnuts and fig relish  – £6.0
  • Sauteed mushroom, aged Barber cheddar and black truffle oil £6.0
  • Free range chilli chicken with baby spinach and avocado – £7.0
  • BBQ pulled pork with aged cheddar and pickles – £7.0
  • Seared chorizo, cheddar, avocado and chilli jam- £7.0
  • DIY – build your own with extras – £4.50

Add Extras

  • Smoked salmon, free range chicken, ham, avocado – £1.2
  • Spinach, Barber cheddar, goat cheese, egg, mushrooms, tomato – 80p


Dessert crepes – sweet pancakes

  • Classic lemon and sugar – £4.0
  • Cinnamon and sugar – 4.0
  • Shutterbug salted caramel – £4.0
  • Blueberries and maple syrup – £4.5
  • Banana and Nutella – £4.0
  • Strawberries, mascarpone and balsamic glaze – £4.5
  • Eton mess crepe – meringue pieces, raspberries and cream – £4.5
  • Shutterbug salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and pretzel crumble – £5.0
  • White chocolate, raspberries and cardamom mascarpone – £4.5


Add Extras

Vanilla ice cream, cream, cinnamon, salted caramel, Nutella, dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberries, raspberries – 80p


What's on

  • Saturday 17 January   2015

    Residents Love Vinyl  8-1am free entry

  • Friday 23 January   2015

    Boom Music from  Colectivo Futuro 6.30-1am

  • Saturday 24 January   2015

    Love Vinyl resident DJs 8-1am free entry

  • Friday 30 January   2015

    Bun and Cheese with Charlie Dark, Paul Ryan AKA Rapzcallion and DJ Al Fingers

  • Saturday 31 January   2015

    Love Vinyl resident DJs 8-1am free entry

  • Thursday 5 February   2015

    The Ninetys with Molo & Ollie


  • Friday 6 February   2015

    Vibrant Nights New Year Special  – DJ Kitty Amor, Kayo Music, DJ Josh Grooves

  • Saturday 7 February   2015

    Residents Love Vinyl here with the Mighty Zaf and Ben Torrens 8-1am free entry



  • Seared chorizo, cheddar and avocado galette served made with chilli jam we made earlier – tasting really rather good. Going be testing in some cocktails this weekend so stay tuned #chipotle #chillijam #crepes #pancskes #cocktails #cocktailbar #shoreditch

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  • @colectivofuturo are back this Friday for New Year’s Boom Music. Kicking off 8pm until 1am free entry #boommusic #shoreditch #fridays #vinyl

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  • Ditch the sandwich/pizza/burger!! Crepes make a delicious healthy lunch. Today’s choice: chipotle chicken, avocado and baby spinach on buckwheat galette #healthyeating #shoreditch #lunch #glutenfree #healthycarbs

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  • WE ARE HIRING!!! Chef wanted for busy creperie and bar in Shoreditch. We serve a simple breakfast, lunch and dinner menu using fresh, high quality ingredients. We are looking for a full-time talented chef with at least 2 years experience
    Passionate about food and has interest in creating dishes
    Can work independently
    Has necessary Health and Safety training
    Clean and organised
    Speaks fluent English
    Career progression in an expanding company
    Competitive salary
    Equal share of cash tips raining
    A good working environment
    Immediate start

    If you are interested please email your CV to #recruitment #chef #souschef #newjob #london #creperie

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  • Soup today – beetroot with hint of horseradish (gluten free/dairy free option available) Eat in or takeaway #shoreditch #lunch #glutenfree #hotsoup

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